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Get rewarded for helping the planet

Welcome to Win for Nature

Now you can help protect the planet … and get rewarded for doing it.

Helping the planet should be a bit more fun and exciting, so join us to get discounts and chances to win major prizes while offsetting your ecological footprint, helping restore Australia’s unique landscapes, and protecting wildlife and biodiversity.

We’ll be launching soon, so sign up for updates and early-bird perks, because now more than ever, when nature wins, everyone wins!

How it works


Choose how you want to participate

You can choose from five different monthly subscription levels to start offsetting your ecological footprint. We believe that every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. That’s why our subscriptions start at only $10 a month.


Get discounts and win big!

When you subscribe to Win for Nature you’ll get immediate access to discounts at our partner businesses. You’ll also start accumulating tickets for chances to win major prizes such as luxury electric cars and energy efficient homes. There are some massive incentives for early subscribers, so sign up to get more info on how joining early can bag you many more chances to win major prizes while helping nature and the environment at the same time.


Grow native forests and natural habitats

Your participation helps us access land and restore it to its former glory and beauty. Whatever was there before the land was cleared for agriculture is what will be put back. Restoring these lands will combat climate change, help endangered wildlife, and promote ecological diversity in these newly protected landscapes.

So what’s the challenge?

The planet’s in a pickle!

We’re facing an environmental crisis that, quite literally, threatens our future. In Australia, we have one of the highest rates of biodiversity loss in the world.

In the last 200 years…

Australia has lost over 75% of its original vegetation and habitat due to clearing.

We’ve seen increasing instances of droughts, floods, heat-waves, fires, other extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Over 100 species have gone extinct, never to be seen again. And, 1,900 species of plants and animals are currently threatened with extinction, including iconic species such as the koala, the platypus, and the greater glider.

The problem with land

Restoration organisations are ready and willing to rebuild nature, but without the land to restore, their efforts hit a roadblock. Securing land requires convincing and incentivising landholders to give over a portion of their land and even those landholders who are ready to sign over land can usually only give over a small portion for reforestation. Without the land to work on, we’re left floating down a certain type of creek with no paddle.

But there is hope. Let’s seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact right now.

Together, we can make a difference.

Join forces with us to offset your environmental impact and contribute to the purchase of vast expanses of land that will undergo awe-inspiring restoration. Together, we’ll:

  • Fight climate change
  • Protect wildlife
  • Rejuvenate waterways and soils
  • Remove carbon from the atmosphere
  • Foster vibrant ecosystems

Did you know?

You can do all this for less than the price of a humble cup of coffee a day. Picture yourself restoring 33m2 every single month and getting rewarded for doing it!

Which subscription level will you choose?

When you join Win for Nature, you get immediate access to discounts at our partner businesses, plus you start accumulating tickets for the luxury prize giveaways we’ll be running soon. It’s win win! We’ll have a range of subscription levels that will cater for most budgets.

Seed Sower



36 Tickets per draw

3m2 land restored approx / month

$0.33 /day

Biodiversity Bestie



120 Tickets per draw

10m2 land restored approx / month

$0.98 /day

Habitat Hero



450 Tickets per draw

33m2 land restored approx / month

$3.28 /day

Restoration Ranger



960 Tickets per draw

66m2 land restored approx / month

$6.57 /day

But wait, there’s more!

The earlier you join, the more chances you get to win in our giveaways. As an early-bird subscriber, you’ll get a whole lot more ways to get extra tickets in the first year of giveaways compared to people who join later:

Perks for early-bird signups

  • Your tickets will accumulate month to month all the way up until the giveaways start. Usually, these tickets accumulate only between each giveaway and then reset.
  • Extra Loyalty tickets. Join early and get 20 extra loyalty tickets per month instead of 5 if you join later. Loyalty tickets accumulate and never expire while you’re a member.
  • Access to our refer-a-friend campaign where you get even more extra tickets when people sign up using your unique code.

Our restoration partner

Greening Australia

We’ve partnered with Greening Australia, one of Australia’s largest and oldest environmental restoration organisations to help us repair our natural heritage. With a proven track record over 40 years, Greening Australia was an easy choice for us. We can’t wait to see our work together helping remove carbon from the atmosphere, repairing waterways and soils, increasing biodiversity, and allowing endangered and local wildlife to thrive.

Join Win for Nature

Join Win for Nature today and start making a real difference. By offsetting a portion of your ecological footprint, you’ll be contributing to large scale environmental restoration and protecting the planet for future generations. Our unique subscription model offers discounts, luxury giveaways, and the chance to make a tangible impact on the environment. Be an early adopter and earn even more opportunities to win exciting prizes. Help us fight climate change, protect endangered wildlife, and rebuild rich and thriving natural ecosystems.

Frequently asked questions

You subscribe to offset a portion of your ecological footprint, we pool all the money from subscribers to buy land, and then we work with our restoration partner to restore the land. Where possible, we’ll put a conservation overlay over the property to make sure that it is always protected. In return for your subscription, as well as offsetting a portion of your ecological footprint, you get discounts at a range of businesses, and the chance to win prizes that are both awesome and help you move to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

Your ecological footprint is the impact you have on the environment in terms of the natural resources required and how much land is used per year to sustain your day-to-day living. At the moment, humanity is using way more resources in a year than the planet can sustain. We’re on the fast track to ecological disaster, but if we all pull together and tackle this on multiple fronts, we can stop this from happening.

Your ecological footprint is measured in hectares per person per year. To help visualise that, 1ha is a square with sides of 100m each. That grassy bit inside an athletics track is 1.12ha. An international rugby field is 1.008ha.

So what is your ecological footprint? According to the National Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts, 2022 Edition, the allowable land use per person per year is 1.6ha. The average land use per person in Australia is 7.1ha! That’s more than four times what the Earth can sustain and two and a half times higher than the world average. The world average is nearly two times higher than levels that the Earth can sustain. We are all using more than we have. We have to both reduce and offset our usage.

There are great organisations here in Australia and around the world racing and struggling to tackle this problem.

We work closely with our restoration partner, Greening Australia’s science team to figure out where the best and most effective places are to buy land. Things that are considered include: bang for buck, tree and plant species that can be restored, potential for habitat connectivity to protect wildlife and protect biodiversity, and a whole lot more. Typically this will be on former farm and grazing land.

We buy land all over Australia in areas where we can make an impact.

We are a for purpose business. We don’t want to have to seek handouts and donations to get this to work. As a social enterprise, like any business, we can bring on equity investors. Not for profit charities cannot have equity investors. We also want to show that people and businesses can profit from protecting the environment and biodiversity, so we believe the best way for us to do that is to build a great business.

Win for Nature currently does not pay any salaries and uses all funds to help rebuild nature and build the community of subscribers that want to help save the planet. Helping to build the subscriber base includes all our marketing and administration costs (administration costs do NOT include salaries). Think of that as a kind of Kickstarter so we can build Win for Nature into something that can make a real difference. In return for kickstarting this social enterprise, you get immediate access to discounts with our discount partners, and loyalty bonuses in the form of additional tickets into the giveaways, once they’re announced. For more info on how joining early can give you big chances to win, click on the ‘Be the first to know’ button on the top right of your screen.

Once we’ve announced the giveaways, then we will start paying salaries, which will be capped at 5% of revenue.

No. All ages are welcome to subscribe and offset their ecological footprint as well as take advantage of our discount rewards program and entries into the giveaways.

Once we’re live and you subscribe to offset your ecological footprint, you’ll have access to the membership dashboard that includes a page for our discount rewards program. There you can search our discount partners and see how to get the discounts.

You’ll also get an email from time to time to let you know of any new businesses who join our discount partner program.

As the saying goes, “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” In the super unfortunate event that we don’t reach enough subscribers, firstly we’d be very sad. But, in terms of the subscription fees that we’ve taken in, all remaining money will be donated to Greening Australia.

As soon as we can! We need to reach a critical mass and stable number of subscribers in order to be able to sustain the giveaways each quarter. Bear with us while we do that and in the meantime, know that the earlier you sign up and the more people you get to join, the more chances you get in the first year of giveaways.

Unfortunately no. We are not a not-for-profit or charity. We are a for purpose social enterprise that allows you to offset your ecological footprint and a loyalty rewards club.

Yes! Anyone from anywhere can subscribe to offset their ecological footprint. If you’re not in Australia, you can still get access to the discounts with our discount partners if (a) you don’t have to purchase in store and (b) they ship to your destination. You can also be part of the giveaways (if the country you’re subscribing from allows it – best to check your country’s rules and regulations), but will have to take ownership of any prizes in Australia, and/or have a delivery address in Australia – you should get some legal advice on how this would work.

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